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About Us

We’re golfers. Plain and simple. We love this game, and it’s that passion that drives everything we do at Prime Golf. A passion to bring the best launch monitor and golf simulator technology in the world to Nanaimo golfers. A passion to make golf more accessible to everyone, no matter the skill level, age, or experience level. Golf is fun. It’s maddening. It’s beautiful. It’s humbling. It will test every part of your character, and you can experience it all with us at Prime Golf!

About Trackman

Nanaimo’s Premier
Indoor Golf Simulation Center

Trackman Golf has been the industry leader of launch monitor technology for over 15 years, and is trusted by the world’s best players, coaches, and club fitters. Watch any coverage of a world-class golf event and you’ll see a driving range full of Trackman 4 launch monitors.

We are so proud to partner with them in our effort to bring the finest indoor golf experience to Nanaimo!

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We are proud to offer 3 simulator bays at Prime Golf:



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Frequently Asked Questions
How does it work?

Very simply! Trackman 4 uses a combination of radars and cameras to capture data from the golf club and ball flight. Just place your ball (any regular golf ball will do) in the designated hitting area, grip it, and rip it! There is lots of helpful information and demos available here.

How much does it cost?

Each simulator bay rents for $35 per hour, which includes one player. For each additional player, the hourly rate increases by $10, so 2 players pay $45/hr, $55 for 3, etc. The maximum allowable group in each bay is 6, but we can accomodate larger groups and events. Contact us for more information on booking your group event!

Can I bring my own clubs?

Yes! We recommend bringing your own gear to get the most out of your experience. However, there will be clubs available to rent if you don’t have your own. Trackman works with any club/ball combination, so even grandpa’s old persimmons and balatas will work just fine!

What about food and beverage?

We have a small offering of snacks and drinks, and a water tower if you bring your own bottle (or buy one of ours!).

Alchohol is not permitted in Prime Golf (boo!), but feel free to order some delivery and stay a while!

Is there a dress code?
We very much hope that you wear clothing during your visit to Prime Golf. That being said, we’re not a stuffy golf club, so if you want to swing by after work you won’t need to worry about having a golf shirt in your trunk. We just won’t tolerate any offensive logos or slogans on what you do decide to wear. Also, golfing in flip-flops is really hard, so bring some comfy shoes to wear. You can bring your regular golf shoes too, but please make sure they’re clean before you arrive. Cleaning grass and dirt out of artificial turf is a complete nightmare and we will make you scrub the turf with a toothbrush if we catch you!
What if I’ve never golfed before?

Even better! Simulator golf makes for a great introduction to the beautiful game. We can make sure you get a private spot so you don’t feel ‘on display’, and you’ll never have to worry about fishing a golf ball out of a creek or digging through long grass. Even better, there won’t be anyone impatiently waiting on the tee box for you to hit that 4th putt for triple!

Can I bring my kids?

Please! We love kids, and there is even a game to play just for little ones. The putting green will be a lot of fun for them too! There are two different sizes of kids clubs to borrow, we just don't have Junior-aged (13+) rental clubs... yet.

Do I have to play a round of golf, or are there other things I can do?
Well, there’s a reason we’re not called “Prime Volleyball”, but Trackman simulators have a tremendous number of games to play! You can choose from a variety of challenging and fun golf games, like “Capture the Flag”, Closest to the Pin, and Longest Drive. There’s even one for kids!
Do I have to reserve?

You don’t have to, but it’s strongly recommended since we only have 3 units. We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for you though! Either Contact Us or book online.

What courses are there to play?

You can find the full list of available courses here at TrackMan Golf Simulator Courses

Do you sell gift cards?

We do! You can come into the store any time and purchase cards, or try an e-card through this link.

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